Cat's Eye Gemstone

Is Cat's Eye is a Real Gemstone?

There are a wide variety of gemstones that dazzle with their beauty and legend. Cat's eye is a unique and fascinating gem. It is often shrouded with mystery and raises many questions. Is cat's-eye a genuine gemstone? This article will explore the fascinating world of cat's eyes, their origins, properties and the secrets which make it a real gemstone.


Cat’s Eye: A natural wonder


Cat's Eye, or "lehsunia", is a genuine gemstone. This is a fascinating variety of chrysoberyl, and it is known for its chatoyancy. Chatoyancy is an optical phenomenon which creates a mesmerizing light slit that looks like a cat's eyes when the stone's surface is rotated.


Origins and Myths


Cats Eye Gemstone has a rich history, replete with myths and legends. Ancient civilizations are said to have used it as a protective charm. According to Hindu mythology it was thought to be connected to the planet Ketu, and have astrological significance. It was believed that the stone would protect its wearer against negative energies, and bring them good fortune.


Properties of Cat's Eye


Cat's eyes are primarily found in green, gray and brown shades, but the most sought-after variety is an enchanting, greenish grey. This gemstone is unique because of its chatoyancy. It occurs when tiny needle-like inclusions are found within the crystal structure. The optical effect that resembles the cat's eye adds to this gemstone's allure.

Cat's eye is prized not only for its beauty, but also because of its metaphysical properties. It is said to increase intuition, promote serenity, and protect against evil forces.


Sources of Information and Available


Cat's eyes are found all over the world. There are significant deposits in Sri Lanka, India Brazil and Madagascar. Cat's eye, due to its unique optical properties and rarity, is a relatively valuable gemstone. It is a popular choice for collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.


How To Identify A Genuine Cat's-Eye


It's important to only buy cat's eyes from jewelers and sources that can provide certification. Genuine cat's eyes should show chatoyancy. If you look closely, the light slit should move as the stone rotates.

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