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Buy Cats Eye Gemstone

Buy Cats Eye Gemstone

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What is Cats Eye Gemstone?

Cat's Eye Gemstone also referred to in the form of "Lehsunia" also known as "Vaidurya," is a stunning and fascinating gemstone. It is known for its unique optical appearance, which is reminiscent of the cat's eye. The captivating gemstone has always been a topic of interest for gem lovers Astrologers, astrologers, as well as spiritual seekers because of its distinctive characteristics and profound symbolism.

Cats Eye Stone is given the status of an important stone in Vedic astrology. Because of its resemblance to the eyes of a cat, Lehsunia stone is called Cat’s Eye stone in English. This magical zodiac stone represents the planet Ketu, the last of the nine planets. It is used in many astrological remedies. If you are also wondering from where to buy genuine Cat’s Eye Rashi Gemstone, then your search ends here.

For centuries, Cat’s Eye Stone has been used to counter the malefic effects of Ketu. Apart from this, it is sometimes useful in reducing the inauspicious effects of Mars. Often bad quality Rashi gems are available in the market, but you should buy the real Lehsunia gems after checking them.

Ketu Planet and Cats Eye Stone

In Vedic astrology, the planet Ketu is considered a minor or shadow planet. Often, due to lack of knowledge, Ketu is always considered as a planet that gives inauspicious results. But it is not so, Ketu gives results according to the sign in which it sits in the horoscope. That’s why the planet Ketu also gives auspicious results many times.

Ketu is a mysterious planet which is the cause of infection, mysterious diseases, detachment, indifference and disinterest. If Ketu is giving inauspicious results in a person’s horoscope, then such people have to face obstacles at every step. Along with this, due to bad Ketu, there is continuous failure and love is not received from the maternal side. This shadow planet fills a person with disappointments and such a person is surrounded by depression all the time.

Contrary to general beliefs, the fame and reputation of the native is spread far and wide like the sun due to the effect of auspicious Ketu. Such people get high position and happiness of children. When Ketu is auspicious, such people also get the powers of premonition.

Generally it is advised to wear Cat’s Eye Stone to reduce the negativity of planet Ketu. Also, if Ketu is not giving full results in spite of auspicious position in a person’s horoscope, then wearing cat’s eye gemstone is definitely beneficial for such people. To avoid the inauspicious effects of Ketu, you should buy only high quality Lehsuniya Rashi gemstone.

What are the benefits of Lahsunia Gemstone?

If you are also troubled by repeated obstacles, disappointment and failure in life, then you can also know the position of Ketu by getting your horoscope checked by a good astrologer.

Let us know what are the benefits:

  • With its miraculous power, Cats Eye Stone protects the wearer from evil eye. If any child or young person is suffering from double vision, then he must definitely wear Lehsunia gemstone.
  • If a person is afraid of ghosts, obstacles, evil forces or the unknown, then wearing Cats Eye Stone gives special benefits.
  • Wearing Lehsuniya gemstone stops the continuous loss in business and business starts running as before.
  • Are you getting frustrated with the repeated unnecessary interruptions in life? So you too can get benefit from wearing Lehsunia gemstone.
  • This stone gives a protective shield to those who are often ill, due to which the person starts getting healthy.
  • If you do uncertain business like speculative market like shares or commodity market, then wearing Cats Eye Stone can be fruitful for you and luck starts coming with you.
  • Those people who have been working in the same post for a long time without progress, they get promising progress.
  • Often money gets stuck due to fluctuations in the market. This is the only stone, by wearing which the stopped money starts coming back. One of its benefits is that by wearing it, the lost wealth also comes back.
  • It is highly beneficial in case of swelling in the respiratory tract and also in asthma.
  • It helps regulate the economic condition by reducing poverty and also helps overcome sorrows in life
  • The wearer of this stone gains physical and mental strength to combat challenges. smallpox, viral diseases, infections, etc.
  • Wearing this gemstone initiates spiritual growth in the wearer, guiding them towards a path of religion and spirituality, while detaching them from worldly illusions.

These were some of the benefits that one can get by wearing Cats Eye Stone. But you should never wear Lehsunia gemstone without astrological advice. If Lehsunia gemstone is not giving you auspicious effect, then you may have diseases of the heart or brain, aggressiveness starts coming in your behavior and there is a fear of getting hurt. In such a situation, you should always wear high quality Lehsunia gemstone for maximum benefits.

Commonly Asked Questions Related to Cats Eye Gemstone:

What is the weight of Lehsuniya Rashi Ratna to be worn?

Generally, the weight of Cats Eye Stone should be equal to 1/10th of the weight of the native. If the weight of the person is 100 kg, then he will get maximum benefit by wearing 9 ratti Cats Eye Stone. But the exact answer can be given by an experienced astrologer only after examining the horoscope.

How to purify the Cats Eye Stone?

On the day on which Cats Eye Stone is to be worn, Lehsunia gemstone should be dipped in a bowl of milk, ghee, honey, gangajal and curd for one hour in the morning. After that you can wear it after washing it well while reciting the mantra of Ketu.

In which finger should the Cats Eye Stone be worn?

If you want to get maximum benefits of Cats Eye Stone, then wear Lehsunia gemstone in the middle finger of your right hand. Women can wear it on the ring finger of the opposite hand.

Which metal gives more benefits by wearing the Cats Eye Stone?

It should be worn in silver or a combination of five metals.

On which day and time is it appropriate to wear Cats Eye Stone?

It should be worn on Monday before 10 am. It is recommended to consult with a pandit or astrologer to determine the exact auspicious timing and day (Muhurta).

Where can I buy genuine Lahsunia gems?

Cats Eye Stone is a rare naturally occurring gem. For maximum benefits one should always wear high quality Lehsunia gemstone. Wearing stained, perforated or broken Lehsunia gemstone can cause damage. That’s why you should buy Lehsunia Rashi gemstone from a good and trusted shop only. By purchasing Lehsunia Gemstone from ORIGINALRUDRAKSHA.COM, you will get only reliable Gemstone, and along with it Laboratory Test Certificate, so that you can be rest assured and get benefited from its effects as soon as possible after wearing Lehsuniya. Contact us 8650573023

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