Collection: The Variety of Puja items in Hindu Worship

In essence, Puja is a ritualistic type of worship that may be held in homes, temples and even outside. The main idea is to pray or hymns and offering to a specific god or gods. The practice that is Puja is both a personal and a communal ritual, since it is performed in a private setting and in groups like the temple or at festivals.

Things to do with Puja: Instruments of Worship

The central element of the Puja ceremony is the variety of objects and items which are used to carry out the rituals. These Puja items aren't just symbolic, they have a significant role to play in creating a sacred space and helping to create more intimate connections with the Divine.

1. The Idol, or Image of the God

The main focus for every Puja is the depiction of the god worshipped. This could be in shape of a sculpted idol, a painting or even a simple picture. The god's image is an actual representation of God, allowing people to center their worship and prayers.

2. Incense Sticks (Agarbatti)

Incense plays a major part in Puja in cleaning the air and generating a pleasant ambience. Many believe that the scent of incense pleases gods and assists in bringing them into the world.

3. Lamp (Diya)

The flame of an oil lamp symbolizes light and knowledge. it signifies the eradication of darkness and ignorance the life of a person. The light of the lamp is considered to be a means to be in touch with God.

5. Camphor (Kapur)

Camphor is a component of Puja to create a vibrant gorgeous flame once the flame is lit. It symbolizes the burning of one's self-destructing thoughts and demons and leaving an uncluttered soul.

6. Bell (Ghanta)

The ringing of bells is believed to cleanse negative energy and signal the start to the Puja. It is also believed to be as a method to welcome God's presence into the sacred space.

The Essence of Puja

Puja items aren't just objects, they are instruments which allow devotees to establish an emotional connection to the gods. Through these ceremonies, Hindus express their faith as well as devotion and love to the gods they revere. Each object used in Puja is associated with a symbol and plays an important role in creating a sacred, harmonious ambience.