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Buy Emerald Gemstone (Panna)

Buy Emerald Gemstone (Panna)

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What is an Emerald Gemstone?

Emerald Gemstone or Panna in Hindi is a stunning green stone that has a huge spiritual significance. It is a form of the mineral beryl. It is highly valued for its vivid green color and its inherent beauty. Emerald is believed to be associated with The planet Mercury (Budh) as part of Vedic Astrology and is believed to bring a myriad of advantages to those who wear it.

Ruling Planet 

Emeralds are closely connected to The planet Mercury. It is believed that the energy of Mercury is transmitted through this gorgeous gemstone, bringing wealth, wisdom, and improved communication abilities to the wearer.



1. The wear of an Emerald can result in improved mental clarity, which aids in making decisions and problem-solving.

2. Emeralds are frequently associated with prosperity and financial success and prosperity, which makes them a favorite among business professionals.

3. These gems are believed to assist in maintaining the balance of emotions and promote peace and well-being.

4. It is believed that they are linked to health-related properties that are particularly connected to the spine and the heart.

5. It is improving communication skills the emeralds can positively influence your personal relationships.

6. They are believed to shield negative energies and give the feeling of security.

Puja Procedure: Calling Divine Energies

In the event that you have or intend to purchase an emerald stone and you are interested in performing an emerald puja (a Hindu ritual) is an amazing opportunity to connect with the gemstone's energy and bless it with blessings. This is a brief guideline for the puja ritual for emeralds:

  1. Begins by cleansing the emerald by using holy water as well as milk. It will eliminate any negative energy associated with the gemstone.

  2. Sit in an unwinding, tranquil place and contemplate the treasure of your goals and your desired results.

  3. Recite Mercury-related mantras, like "Om Budhaya Namaha" to invoke Mercury's energy.

  4. Light incense as well as offers fresh flowers as well as rice and sandalwood paste to the Emerald.

  5. Ask to receive blessings from priests or experts to help the gem's spiritual activation.

Who is able to wear Emerald?

Emerald is typically suggested for those with an ideal placement in the sphere of Mercury within their chart of birth or having a difficult Mercury diehard (planetary phase). It is recommended to speak with a reputable astrologer to decide if it is appropriate to wear an emerald, based on birth details as well as the planetary influences.


Q: Is Emerald gemstone valuable?

A: Yes, Emerald gemstones are indeed valuable. Emeralds are among the most valuable and desired gemstones on the planet. The value of an Emerald is determined by its size, color, and clarity.

Q: Does an emerald stone give children?

A: No, an Emerald stone will not give you children. Children are usually the result of human reproduction and biological processes. Not from wearing or owning an emerald.

Q: In which finger should emerald be worn?

A: For astrological and healing purposes, the little finger of the right hand is usually worn with an emerald.

Q: How can I test my emerald stone at home?

A: Try the "water test" to test your emerald at home. Drop your emerald in a glass of ice water. If it sinks it is likely to be real.

Q: What are the properties of an emerald stone?

A: Emeralds, a green gemstone prized for its brilliance and rareness, are known for their vivid color. Emeralds are green gemstones that have been colored by chromium, vanadium, and other impurities. Their hardness ranges from 7.5-8 on the Mohs Scale.


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