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What is Gomed Stone?

Gomed Stone, also known as Hessonite Garnet, is a beautiful gemstone that has been sought-after for its stunning physical and spiritual properties for a long time. This article will take you on a trip to discover the fascinating universe that is Gomed Stone. We'll look at its history and benefits, as well as fascinating facts and who can wear it, and address some commonly asked questions.

Ruling Planet of Gomed Gemstone

Gomed Stone is closely associated with the celestial body Rahu which is one of the nine planets that are primary in Vedic Astrology. Rahu is also known as being known to be the North Node in the lunar cycle and plays an important role in the calculations of astrology. Gomed Stone can be believed to channel the energy of Rahu and is an extremely valuable and revered gemstone in the field of astrology.


1. The wearing of Gomed Stone is said to improve one's career by increasing clarity of thinking and decision-making capabilities.

2.  It is believed to protect its wearer from harmful energies and the negative effects of Rahu or psychic assaults.

3. The gemstone is believed to have healing properties that may assist in relieving health problems like allergies, and respiratory and skin ailments.

4. It is believed to enhance communication abilities which makes it easier for people to effectively communicate. It's a fantastic option for writers, public speakers as well as diplomats.

5. The wearing of the Gomed Stone is said to create positive changes in the life of a person. It assists in breaking free from bad habits, addictions, and negative thought patterns.

Importance of Gomed 

Gomed Stone is highly regarded in Vedic Astrology for its connection in conjunction with Rahu and the many benefits it provides. It is important to think about the following factors when buying and wearing this stone:

Quality is Important: The quality and durability of Gomed Stone a crucial elements. You should look for stones with an unmistakable deep honey or reddish-brown color that is free of obvious inclusions.

Consult with an Astrologer: Before you wear Gomed Stone it is advised to consult an experienced astrologer to determine if the gem is appropriate for your birth charts.

Care for Your Gem: To maintain its beauty and effectiveness, Gomed Stone should be cleaned and energized frequently. Beware of exposing your gemstone to harmful chemicals, or high temperatures.

Interesting Facts

  1. Ancient Origin: Gomed Stone has a history that dates back to prehistoric times. It was adored by diverse civilizations and cultures due to its beauty and mysterious properties.

  2.  The Rahu Connection: In Hindu mythology, Rahu is a shadow planet connected to chaos and disruption. Gomed Stone was believed by many to calm Rahu's energy. Rahu brings harmony and balance to one's life.

  3. Hessonite Garnet: Gomed Stone is a variation of the garnet family, also known as Hessonite. Its name originates from the Greek term "Hesson," meaning "inferior," because of its lesser hardness in comparison with other types of garnets.

Who Can Wear a Gomed Stone?

Gomed Stone is not for everyone. Its suitability is dependent on the individual horoscopes. It is recommended for those who have a powerful position in the direction of Rahu within their chart of birth. To find out the possibility that Gomed Stone is the right choice for you, talk to an experienced astrologer who will give you personalized advice.


Q: Can Gomed Stone be worn by anyone?

A: No, Gomed Stone is usually suggested based on a person's birth chart and the position of Rahu. Get an astrologer's guidance.

Q: How do I clean and re-energize the energy of my Gomed Stone?

For cleansing your Gomed Stone take it in and soak it in a solution of pure liquid and milk that has been boiled for a couple of hours. Then, you can place it in the sun to help it energize.

Q: What are the different shades of Gomed Stone?

A: Stones are available in a variety of colors starting from deep red to honey brown. The more vivid and intense the color is, the greater the value of the stones.

Q: Can I wear Gomed Stone with other gemstones?

A: The use of multiple stones is advisable to do so with caution because they alter the energy of your body. It is recommended to seek out expert advice.

Q: Are synthetic Gomed Stones as efficient as natural stones?

A: Natural Gomed Stones are believed to possess more metaphysically significant properties when compared to synthetic ones.

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