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Buy Red Coral Gemstone

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What is Red Coral Gemstone?

Red Coral Gemstone Scientifically called Corallium rubrum is a valuable and highly sought-after gemstone that is sought after for long periods of time. It comes from limestone polyps of coral and is renowned for its vivid red color and distinctive organic composition.

Why is Red Coral Gemstone worn?

Red Coral Gemstone is a very powerful, beautiful and attractive stone. Wearing this stone makes a person courageous and brave and his self-confidence increases. In Vedic astrology, coral is worn to ward off the malefic effects of the aggressive planet Mars and to gain its blessings.

It is believed that this stone helps in pleasing the planet Mars. Mars is the factor of war and energy. The red color of this planet is considered a symbol of blood. It is also called the ‘son of the earth’ because of its embrace and being close to the earth.

Lal Moonga is also known as Red Coral. This gem is being used in jewelery for the last several years.

This gem is found in the depths of the ocean and a special type of animal makes this gem. The plant from which coral is produced is 2 to 3 feet in length. Corals are also studied in botany because they are made of plants. It hardens when exposed to air outside the sea.

Benefits of wearing Red Coral Gemstone

Moonga stone gives strength to face troubles and enemies. Since this stone is associated with Mars, wearing it gives a person the power to overcome all the troubles and obstacles coming in his way.

If a person lacks patience, gets angry or remains upset due to the inauspicious position of Mars, then wearing red coral will be of great benefit to him.

The biggest benefit of wearing coral is that it helps in removing Manglik Dosh associated with Mars. Due to Manglik Dosh, problems arise in a person’s marriage and his married life is also deprived of happiness. Coral stone enhances love and mutual understanding in relationships. If you have Manglik Dosh in your horoscope, then you should also wear coral stone after getting your horoscope analysis done by an astrologer.

Coral has a direct impact on business and trade as well. Wearing this stone also protects the wearer from black magic and evil eye.

If a person is in debt or is troubled by financial constraints, then he will also be benefited by wearing coral stone of Mars. The energy contained in coral can help in getting rid of debt in a short time.

According to Indian astrology, coral represents ‘Mangalya Balam’. This strengthens marital relations and prolongs the life of the spouse. Wearing this gives longevity to the husband of women.

If a person is facing difficult situations in his life, then wearing coral gives him patience and courage.

Wearing this gives strength to face the difficulties and troubles in life with self-respect.

If you want to become a leader or if you lack leadership qualities then you will be benefited by wearing coral.

Health benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

  • If a person starts feeling tired very quickly, then he should wear coral. This stone provides energy.
  • This stone also has healing properties / it helps in preventing acne, spots on the face and skin diseases. Apart from this, it purifies the blood and heals injuries and wounds.
  • This gem can also be worn to stay mentally healthy. It also removes depression and gives energy to the brain.
  • This gem protects against abortion, fever, piles, impotence, typhus and small mothers etc.
  • This stone protects children from diseases like rickets and colic.
  • Coral also helps in the treatment of knee diseases, arthritis and rheumatism.

How much coral stone should be worn

Five to six carat coral stone should be worn. Moonga stone starts showing its effect within 9 days after wearing and its effect lasts for 3 years. Wearing Japanese and Italian coral is beneficial for better results and benefits.

The easiest way to know how much coral stone you should wear is by looking at your weight. Suppose your weight is 60 kg, then wearing 6 ratti coral will be beneficial for you.

In which metal should coral be worn/in which finger should coral be worn?

Coral, the gemstone of Mars, should be worn in gold or copper metal because both these are the metals of Mars. Coral gemstone ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

Method of wearing coral

Coral ring or locket should be worn in copper, gold or Panchdhatu. Wake up on Tuesday morning of Shukla Paksha, take bath and sit on a clean seat in the worship place of the house. Now soak the coral stone in Ganges water/cow’s milk/fresh water for at least 10 minutes. After this, chant the mantra ‘Om Mangalay Namah’ 108 times. Burn incense and wear this gem facing the sun.

Who can wear coral?

The coral stone of Mars can be worn in the following positions of the planets in the horoscope:

  • Mars is sitting in any house with Rahu or Saturn.
  • When Mars is situated in the first house of the horoscope.
  • When Mars is in the fourth house, it causes differences between brothers and sisters.
  • If Mars is in the seventh and tenth house, it causes harm to the life partner.
  • If the sub lord of the constellation lord of the 2nd house has Mars in its 11th, 9th, 4th, 5th or 12th house.
  • If the constellation lord Mars of the ninth house enters the fourth house or the constellation lord Mars of the tenth house enters the fifth or eleventh house.
  • When Mars aspects the seventh, tenth and eleventh house, then wearing coral proves to be very beneficial.
  • If Mars is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house and the vision of Mars is on the Sun.
  • If Mars is sitting with Moon in the horoscope, then wearing coral in this situation helps in improving the economic condition.
  • Whether Mars is aspecting the 6th or 8th house or Mars is in direct or retrograde motion.

In how many days does coral take effect?

The effect of coral starts to be felt after 21 days of wearing it. This makes a person feel positive or auspicious things start happening in his life. Due to some different reasons, its effect can also be visible in more than 21 days.

Which zodiac sign should wear Red Coral Gemstone?

Coral stone for Aries

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, so coral will prove to be very auspicious for you. Mars is the lord of ascendant and eighth house, so Aries people can wear this stone throughout their life. With this you will get courage, good health, respect and status.

If Aries people are suffering from any disease, then they must wear coral. This will cure your illness soon. Wearing coral proves to be very beneficial in the Maha dasha and sub dasha of Mars.

Coral stone for Taurus

You can wear coral when Mars is passing through Mahadasha. Apart from this, if Mars is located in Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn, then also you can wear this red colored stone. Wearing coral gives happiness and peace in married life to the people of Taurus zodiac and gets the pleasure of traveling abroad.

Can Gemini wear coral stone?

If Mars is in the sixth house in Scorpio and the eleventh house in Aries, then you can wear coral. Coral can be worn even when Mars is passing through Mahadasha. Wearing coral gives freedom to Gemini people from diseases, enemies and debts. This improves the source of income. Coral is beneficial even when Mars is in its own sign or in an exalted sign.

Coral stone for cancer

Since Mars is a very auspicious planet for Cancerians and Mars itself is the lord of fifth and tenth house, hence Cancerians can wear coral. Wearing this increases your knowledge and intelligence.

Coral stone for leo

Mars is the lord of the 4th and 9th house, so Leo people can wear this stone. Mars will prove to be very beneficial for you. It is beneficial to wear it when the Mahadasha of Mars is going on. Coral will give you double the results when worn with Sun’s gem Ruby.

Coral stone for Virgo

If Mars is sitting in its own sign i.e. Scorpio and Aries and Mars Mahadasha is going on, then you can start coral.

Coral stone for libra

When Mars is sitting in the own signs Aries and Scorpio and is located in the exalted sign i.e. Capricorn, then people of Libra zodiac are benefited by wearing coral. You get auspicious results by wearing coral even during the Mahadasha of Mars.

Coral stone for Scorpio

Since Mars is the ruling planet of this zodiac sign, the people of Scorpio zodiac can wear coral throughout their life. You get auspicious results by wearing coral even during the Mahadasha of Mars.

Coral stone for Sagittarius

Mars is the lord of the fifth and twelfth house, so the coral stone of Mars will prove to be auspicious for you. You will get double benefits by wearing coral with topaz.

Coral stone for Capricorn

If Mars is placed in an exalted sign i.e. Capricorn, Aries or Scorpio, then you will be benefited by wearing coral. You can wear red coral stone even in the Mahadasha of Mars.

Coral stone for Aquarius

If Mars is placed in an exalted sign i.e. Capricorn, Aries or Scorpio, then you will be benefited by wearing coral. You can wear red coral stone even in the Mahadasha of Mars.

Coral stone for Pisces

Mars is the lord of the second and ninth house in the horoscope, so Mars gives auspicious results for your zodiac sign. Wearing coral will bring you luck, prosperity, wealth, name and fame.

Don’t wear this gem with Red Coral Gemstone

Emerald, garlic and onyx should not be worn along with red coral stone.

What is the identity of Original Moonga?

The biggest specialty and identity of coral gemstone is its smoothness, due to which you can feel smoothness as soon as you take it in your hand. If you keep the red coral stone near the blood, then it draws the blood inside itself. Apart from this, if you put a band of water on the coral, then it will not slip on the real coral stone and will slip on the fake.

Where is Red Coral Gemstone found?

There are only two types of coral found in the world, one of which is red in color and the other is orange. Orange coral is found only in India while red coral is found in many countries around the world like Japan, Italy, Bangkok, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

Which is the best Red Coral Gemstone?

Italian coral is considered to be of the best quality. Italian coral is most preferred because of its excellent color and economical price. Its color is deep red and apart from pacifying Mangal Dosha, it is also used in jewelry. Apart from this, coral stone is also found in America, Burma, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Japan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. In some places, indigenous coral i.e. orange and Indian coral is considered the best. This is because it is most effective in Mangal Dosha.

Moonga Ratan Price in India

Coral stone price in India starts from ₹500 per ratti. Good quality coral gemstone is available for Rs.5000 per carat. By the way, the price of coral gemstone depends on its color, size, shape.

Where to buy Red Coral Gemstone

If you want certified and high quality coral, you can get it from ORIGINALRUDRAKHSA.COM. You can also order this gem online. To get coral contact on this number 8650573023

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