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Buy Copper Fengshui Tortoise

Buy Copper Fengshui Tortoise

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What is a Copper Fengshui Tortoise?

The Copper Fengshui Tortoise is not only a piece of art; it's an incredibly powerful symbol, rooted within the antiquated Chinese tradition of Fengshui. This exquisite tortoise has been made out of copper, a metal well-known for its conductive qualities. It is a symbol of the tortoise, an animal that is that is revered for its longevity and wisdom. The tortoise's shell functions as a shield of protection, while its robust body represents the stability.

The Symbolic Meanings

  • Longevity The tortoise symbolizes an extended and healthy life. The placement of it on your property is believed to draw positive life energy and boost wellbeing and longevity.

  • Protection The tortoise's shell acts as a shield against harmful and negative influences, resulting in a peaceful and safe space.

  • Stability The tortoise's constant presence signifies stability and protection and is a perfect choice for people who want to create an equilibrium throughout their life.

  • Wisdom with its connection with tortoises, the Fengshui symbol is believed to increase wisdom and knowledge, helping in the process of making decisions and solving problems.


  • It aids in channeling positive energy and ensuring your flow of chi within your workspace or at home stays in harmony.

  • Its role as guardian, it protect you from negative influences and helps you feel more secure. security and well-being.

  • It promotes an active and healthy life.

  • Many believe it improves the wisdom of people and provides clarity to complicated situations.

Placing Your Copper Fengshui Tortoise

To maximize the advantages, put it in the right place. Copper Fengshui Tortoise in specific areas in your office or at home:

  • North for professional and lifestyle improvement.
  • Northeast to enhance knowledge and increase wisdom.
  • East for family health and benefits for the elderly.
  • Southeast to draw wealth and prosperity.

Caring Copper Fengshui Tortoise

To ensure that your Copper-colored Fengshui Tortoise retains its positive energy, keep it clean and wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals that can cause damage to the beautiful copper sparkle.

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