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Buy Dhanu Rashi Yantra Locket

Buy Dhanu Rashi Yantra Locket

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What is Dhanu Rashi Yantra Locket?

The Dhanu Rashi Yantra Locket is a tiny locket or pendant that has an yantra or sacred symbol that is associated with the Dhanu Rashi as well by the name of Sagittarius, in Vedic astrology. The Yantra is created to provide positive energy and benefits astrologically to those that are under Sagittarius. Dhanu Rashi sign or Sagittarius sign.

The benefits of Dhanu Rashi Yantra 

  1. It is believed to bring prosperity and luck to the life of the wearer. 

  2. It is known for its wisdom as well as its thirst for knowledge. This locket is believed to boost the intellectual and philosophical abilities of a person.

  3. Wearing the Yantra Locket can help bring positivity and harmony into your life, assisting you in conquering any obstacles or challenges.

The importance of Dhanu Rashi Locket

  1. This Dhanu Rashi Yantra Locket is specifically created to reflect the energy and characteristics that are associated with Sagittarius the zodiac symbol. The locket is believed to bring balance to the planetary influences that are associated with the sign.

  2. It can be used as a permanent reference to your astrological personality and the positive qualities that your sign has to offer.

  3. These locks are made to be aesthetically pleasing, making them an exquisite piece of jewelry as well as an important accessory.

Puja Method for Dhanu Rashi The Yantra Locket

  1. Begin by selecting an auspicious date and time for the puja, based on your own or family tradition.

  2. Cleanse the locket by washing it in water, then milk and finally Ganga Jal (holy water from the Ganges River).

  3. Recite specific mantras or prayers for Sagittarius to invoke positive energies that are associated with the zodiac sign.

  4. Make offerings of flowers or incense or light the ghee lamp, with your eyes centered on your motives to wear the locket.

  5. After puja, put your Dhanu Rashi Yantra Locket around your neck the way you normally wear any other piece of jewelry.

Who Can Wear

Any person born in one of the Dhanu Rashi, or Sagittarius sign, according to Vedic Astrology, can wear this locket to make use of the positive energies and qualities that are associated with their zodiac sign. It is believed to boost their luck, well-being, and overall experience and align them to the forces of cosmic nature that are related to their zodiac sign. It is important to consult a reputable professional or astrologer to get specific advice on how to wear such jewelry, as the effect of yantras may be different for each person.

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