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Guru Grah Yantra Locket: Benefits & Price

Guru Grah Yantra Locket: Benefits & Price

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A Guru Grah Yantra locket is a small amulet or pendant that is designed with a unique geometric pattern and inscribed words that symbolize the power of Jupiter which is also called Guru as well as Brihaspati, in Vedic astrology. The Yantra is thought to draw the positive energy that is associated with Jupiter in a way that can be worn as a protection or an auspicious symbol.

Benefits of  Guru Grah Yantra Locket

  • It is believed to increase your knowledge and wisdom. It is highly recommended for students and scholars who want academic success.
  • Jupiter represents success and growth. The locket can assist individuals to progress in their careers and also attract opportunities to grow.
  • It helps to gain a better understanding of the purpose of life and can lead to a more fulfilling life.
  • It is claimed to have positive effects on health, specifically in reducing the effects of illnesses that affect the digestive system, liver, and mental well-being.

Importance of Guru Grah Yantra Locket

  • By Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is considered one of the most beneficent planets. Its Guru Garah Yantra Locket allows people to harness the positive energy connected to Jupiter.
  • The wearing of this locket is believed to help counteract the negative effects of weak or affected Jupiter in the birth chart of a person.
  • Guru Garah Yantra Locket symbolizes the connection between the material and the spiritual. It is an affirmation to the majestic order of things and the necessity to live our lives by higher ideals.

Puja Process for Guru Garah Yantra Locket:

  • Start by cleaning the locks. It can perform purification by placing the locket in an ice-cold bowl with a few drops of Ganga Jal (holy water) as well as some uncooked rice. It should be left for a few hours, or overnight.
  • Sing" the Jupiter (Guru) mantra, "ॐ बृं बृहस्पतये नमः।" or any other Jupiter-related mantra 108 times while you hold the locket.
  • Use a candle to light a Ghee torch and burn incense. Give flowers and a small amount of saffron or turmeric in the lock. The act is an expression of dedication and reverence to the god connected with Jupiter.
  • When the puja is completed, put your Guru Garah Yantra Locket around your neck. Ideally, it should be worn on a Thursday. This is considered to be a lucky day for Jupiter.

Who Can Wear 

  • It is particularly useful for students who want to do well in their studies and exams.
  • Anyone who is seeking career growth, particularly in fields that deal with teaching or philosophy, law, and spirituality can gain from this locket.
  • Those on a spiritual path or seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of life can use this necklace.


Q: How does the Guru Grah Yantra Locket work?
The Yantra within the locket is said to be a sacred geometric design that is believed to have the power to attract and emit positive energies. By wearing the locket, the individual is said to be constantly surrounded by these energies, leading to positive changes in their life.

Q: Who can wear a Guru Grah Yantra Locket?
Anyone can wear a Guru Grah Yantra Locket, but it is especially recommended for those who have a weak or malefic placement of Jupiter in their birth chart. It is also believed to be beneficial for students, teachers, and those seeking spiritual growth.

Q: How should one wear a Guru Grah Yantra Locket?
A: The Guru Grah Yantra Locket should be worn on a Thursday, which is considered the day of Jupiter. It can be worn around the neck, in a ring, or kept in a pocket close to the heart.


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