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Kumbh Rashi Yantra Locket:Benefits & Price

Kumbh Rashi Yantra Locket:Benefits & Price

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The Kumbh Rashi Yantra Locket is a tiny pendant or locket that has astrological significance for people who are born in the Aquarius zodiac sign, also called Kumbh Rashi in Vedic astrology. It is intended to link the wearer to the energy connected to Aquarius and is typically worn as a talisman or emblem of identity. It can provide advantages such as guidance protection, a sense of security, and heightened self-awareness.

Benefits of Kumbh Rashi Yantra Locket

  1. The Kumbh-Rashi Yantra Locket has been created to resonate with the energy that is associated with the Aquarius zodiac sign, assisting those who are born in this zodiac sign to take advantage of their inherent characteristics and talents.

  2. It is thought that wearing the Kumbh Yantra Locket provides protection and guidance to help you navigate the challenges of life and make better choices.

  3. Wearing this locket, you can be more aware of your abilities and shortcomings, which can help you to encourage personal development and self-awareness.

The importance of Kumbh Rashi Yantra

  1. In Vedic astrology, every Rashi has distinct traits and effects on an individual's daily life. A Kumbh-Rashi locket is an instrument to align yourself with the energy associated with the Aquarius sign and to seek its blessings.

  2. The locket often includes Aquarius symbols or Yantra which is a sacred geometry design that symbolizes the dynamism associated with the zodiac sign. The symbolism could serve as an ongoing reference to your spiritual status.

  3. Many believe that this locket is an effective talisman and attracts positive energy that boosts luck, as well as gives a sense of security.

How to use Kumbhrashi Yantra Locket

  1. In general, the astrological lockets are worn near the heart, usually as necklaces. The placement is believed to be a sign of good luck because it keeps the astrological energy of the locket close to your heart as well as the spirit.

  2. To maintain the locket's efficiency, some suggest cleaning it frequently. It can be accomplished by placing it in running water, exposing the lock to light, or by using the methods recommended by your astrologer.

  3. When you wear the locket, be sure to take a few moments to write down your intentions and affirmations to yourself for your day. It personalizes your experience and increases its effectiveness.


  1. Do I need to wear the Kumbh Rashi Yantra locket even if it's not for the Aquarius?

    • Although it's intended specifically for Aquarius individuals, others believe that wearing a locket from other signs can aid in balancing or harmonizing energies. Talk to an astrologer for specific guidance.

  2. Do I have to be a believer in astrology for it to be effective?

    • The belief in astrology isn't needed for a piece of jewelry to wear. It is an item of jewelry that has an added significance for the individual.
  3. How do I buy Kumbhrashi's Yantra locket?

    • You can buy the Kumbh Rashi Yantra Locket on the website "Original Rudraksha." We have a wide selection of astrologically significant products such as Yantra Lockets that are customized to the zodiac signs of each which makes it a practical and trustworthy source to purchase one.

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