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Buy Sri Yantra Pendant

Buy Sri Yantra Pendant

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What exactly is Sri Yantra Pendant?

The Sri Yantra Pendant is a complex and sacred pattern that's been adored in Hinduism for ages. It's a powerful symbol that represents the union between feminine and masculine energies of the divine. The holy geometry has been believed to represent the spiritual source as well as is a representation that of God.

Benefits of Pendant

  • It is renowned to harmonize your surroundings and your inner self, encouraging wellbeing and balance in your life.

  • There is a belief that Sri Yantra can attract wealth and prosperity into your life.

  • Protection is frequently regarded as an extremely powerful talisman of protection protecting the wearer from harmful energy.

  • Wearing the Sri Yantra Pendant can help clear the mind, focusing and aiding in meditation.

Puja Process

  1. Begin by purifying the locket using milk or water. This signifies the elimination all impurities.

  2. Make a Diya light an ghee lamp or candle and put it on top of the locket. The flame symbolizes the divine light.

  3. You can recite your Sri Yantra mantra or any mantra that resonates with you, while paying attention to the locket. It will infuse the locket positively with energy.

  4. Put freshly cut flowers as well as incense the front of the locket to act as a sign of an offering to the God of heaven.

  5. Take some time in meditation, paying attention to your Sri Yantra and its positive energy.

Who is able to wear the Sri Yantra Locket

The appeal of the locket of Sri Yantra is it's only available to certain groups. Anyone who is seeking spiritual development, balance, and positive energy is able to wear it. It doesn't matter if you're a seeker of spirituality or a yoga instructor, a professional or a student this sacramental locket will be a beneficial addition to your lifestyle. It's not bound by any boundaries and is available to anyone who wants its advantages.

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