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Buy Tula Rashi Yantra Locket

Buy Tula Rashi Yantra Locket

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What is Tula Rashi Yantra Locket?

This Tula Rashi Yantra Locket is a precious and intricate piece of jewelry with the distinctive geometric pattern that is associated with it's Libra zodiac symbol. It's much more than an accessory. It's an instrument of spiritual significance that represents harmony, justice and harmony. This locket is believed by many to bring you into alignment with the positive energy of your zodiac astrological sign, Libra and bring harmony to your life.

Benefits of Tula Rashi Yantra

A Tula Rashi Yangtra Locket can bring numerous benefits to your life:

  • It is known for the promotion of balance in all aspects of life, such as relationships, work, as well as personal development.

  • Many think that wearing this necklace can increase your capacity to make unbiased and just decisions.

  • It can aid in creating harmonious and positive relationships which is an important characteristic of Libra.

  • Beyond its significance in the spiritual realm It is also a beautiful piece of jewelry. Tula Rashi Yantra Locket is an exquisite jewel that can be worn with any look.

Caring for Your Tula Rashi Yantra Locket

  • Wipe it clean using a soft, dry cloth to eliminate any dirt or dust.

  • Place it in a secure and clean location, preferring a small jewelry box to avoid destruction.

  • Make sure to keep the locket free of harmful chemicals and perfumes that can dull its shine.


"ॐ शुक्राय नमः"

This mantra is for Venus which is the ruler planet of Libra and is believed to increase the influence of the locket

Puja Process

  1. Start by cleansing the locket by using water. then, offer the rice grain to signify prosperity.

  2. Light the ghee lamp or candle and put it on top on the locket.

  3. Repeat the phrase "ॐ शुक्राय नमः" while focussing on the locket.

  4. A few minutes of meditation, connecting to the energy that the locket.

Who Can Wear it?

The attractiveness in The beauty of Tula Rashi Yantra Locket is its versatility. It is wearable by anyone who seeks harmony, balance and a greater understanding of the characteristics of Libra. No matter if you're an actual Libra through birth or simply feel the characteristics of the sign This locket is the one the perfect choice for you. It's a symbol for fairness and justice as well as the pursuit of balance throughout the world.

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