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Gemstone in Kochi

1. Gemstones in Kochi

The Indian city of Kochi, which is located on the southwest coast, is well-known for both its thriving gemstone industry and historical significance. The gemstone trade in Kochi is a blend of tradition and modernity, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of collectors and enthusiasts.

2. History of Gemstones in Kochi

Kochi, being a port city with a rich maritime history, has been a center for the exchange of goods, including precious gemstones. Over the centuries, gemstones have been valued for their aesthetic appeal and cultural significance, with traders from various parts of the world contributing to the city's gemstone heritage.

3. Types of Gemstones Found in Kochi

Kochi's gemstone market offers a variety of precious and semi-precious stones, including:

Rubies: Radiant red rubies are popular for their color and cultural significance.

Emeralds: Lush green emeralds are valued for their beauty and associated symbolism.

Sapphires: Blue sapphires, in various shades, are sought after for both ornamental and astrological purposes.

Diamonds: Well-known for their radiance, diamonds are a classic choice among the gemstones offered in Kochi.

Astrologically Significant Stones: Kochi's market caters to individuals seeking stones believed to have astrological benefits, such as blue sapphires, yellow sapphires, and coral.

4. The Different Markets of Gemstones in Kochi

Kochi boasts several markets and shops dedicated to gemstones:

Jew Town: Located in the Mattancherry area, Jew Town is renowned for its antique shops and gemstone stores. The market has a distinct historical charm.

Broadway: This bustling market in the heart of Kochi offers a range of goods, including gemstones. It's a place where traditional and contemporary styles meet.

MG Road: As one of the primary commercial hubs, MG Road features established jewelers and gemstone shops, providing a variety of options for buyers.

Local Bazaars: Kochi's local bazaars often have vendors selling gemstones. These informal markets provide a different shopping experience, allowing for exploration and bargaining.

In Kochi, the gemstone market is not merely a commercial space; it's a reflection of the city's history, trade connections, and the enduring allure of these precious stones that have fascinated people for generations.